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Ange Postecoglou wants new Teams to Recruit into A-League

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Ange Postecoglou reckons that the Australian association should enrol new teams into A-League sooner rather than later.

In the opinion of Postecoglou, with the lesser number of teams being there in the league at the moment, the regular chances are not there for the local youngsters because of which they are not being able to develop as quickly as they should.

As per Postecoglou, in the past, when NSL was in place rather than A-League, more teams were participating. So, there were places available for the youngsters in every team and because of that, even if they had an off day or two, they would still find themselves playing.

But, now, because the teams are not as many as they were in the past, there is congestion for places and if a youngster plays on a certain day, he has to make it count on that very day itself. If he doesn’t, then nobody knows when he will be going to play again.

And youngsters can’t develop under that much pressure. They will always commit errors; that’s normal, but, they have got to have chances to learn from those errors and rectify those errors. That’s how the development happens. If the chances are few and far in between, it’s difficult for them.

Postecoglou was in Europe not so long back and he says that he didn’t find anyone talking about any young Aussie player there.

Whenever he tried to start a conversation with someone about Australian Football, they started referring to the legends of the past and that’s because no young player from down under has caught the eyes of the international audience of late and it has a lot to do with the fact that there are not many chances for them in the domestic circuit.