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Australia wants to win game

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Australia coach Ange Postecoglou has stated that he wants his team to beat Saudi Arabia.

said that he would not accept any result except the 3 points. He believes that he has a quality team and that they should be able to win this match that will count for the World Cup qualifiers.

The coach is pleased with the impact that the Australian players have made in their respective league. He said that this should be a positive thing for the Australia team as this will ensure that the players are ready physically

He said that he is really happy with some players that have started their season well. He said that he would be counting on these players to help push the team forward.

He admitted that he might have problems in the future when the Australian season starts. He believes that there are around 10 players that play in the local league that can get into the team. It will all depend on how well they start their season.

Both Saudi Arabia and Australia has two wins from their opening games in the qualifiers, and Ange Postecoglou believes that his team has a good chance to continue their streak. He believes that it is up to the players to give their best on the pitch. He thinks that he has a quality squad and that they have prepared themselves well.

Ange Postecoglou admitted that it will be tough game and that Saudi Arabia is a good side. However, he knows that this is a good opportunity for Australia to make a decisive step towards qualification. He wants the team to stay focus on the objective and make sure that they give their all in order to win the game against Saudi Arabia.