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by isport

The Australian national team manager Holger Osieck has said that he will be making use of the upcoming East Asian cup qualifying tournament in order to assess the quality of the individuals who are spoken of as the next big thing for Australia.

He has said that winning for four matches of the tournament is not a major expectation, and can be achieved by the team with a lot of effort. Australia are in the same group containing North Korea, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, and Guam. Amongst these teams, the winner of the group will have the ability to play in the East Asian cup that will take place in the coming July in Korea.

Australia will be playing against North Korea on November 5. This match is likely to determine the winner of the group. If Australian manage to qualify for this tournament, then they could get around $ 5 million in cash injection. This is the first time Australia will be qualifying for this tournament. Holger Osieck has said that he wants absolute perfection from his players. He has said that he always sends out his players in the hope of winning the matches. It will be possible if they play well. Holger Osieck has also said that he will be taking a look at the younger players in the squad as well.

''Basically, I want to win every game. Whenever I send a team onto the pitch, the target will be to win, that's for sure. That's the number one target and I will make that perfectly clear to the boys that even though we're looking to see their development, we're also looking for success. I think it's very unusual to have four games every second day and for an international tournament, that's not very appropriate," said the manager.