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The fixture which has been fixed between Canberra United and Newcastle in the Australian W-League has been confirmed to go on after the players and staffs of Canberra United have left self-isolation. Canberra United have been pitted to play against Brisbane Road in Redcliffe on Thursday night and just before Greater Brisbane entered a three - day lockdown, they arrived back in Canberra on Friday

Upon their return, the players and the staff immediately followed the COVID-19 guidelines by embarking on self-isolation. The club took to Twitter to address the matter and in according to what was tweeted, Greyer Brisbane us no longer a Covid-19 hot-spot.

The ACT government on Monday eased the requirements necessary for quarantine for those people took out time to visit Greater Brisbane and the Canberra players and staff were allowed to avoid self*-isolation "
United could not partake in any training following the suspension on the club in doing so but while they were in their homes apologizing, they had their own programs that they worked on to as well.
Ahead of the crunch tie against Newcastle which will be played on Sunday, United confirmed via the release of a statement that they will return to training on Tuesday as they look to get in shape before the match.
Canberra United will be looking to have one over their rivals when the fight starts from the kick-off spot on Sunday. The players and the staffs of the club will be hoping so much that they pass this hurdle and make sure that they are more careful in the future and take Covid-19 protocols that are set out by the government and Beth workers seriously.
Newcastle are a tough opponent, and should they defeat Canberra, they would therefore be certified as contenders for the league title.