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Barcelona this season just doesn’t seem to have put a foot

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Barcelona this season just doesn’t seem to have put a foot wrong so far.

You talk about any tournament that they have participated in, Luis Enrique’s boys have just cake walked it everywhere so far.

They have not had a single defeat to their name in the last 34 matches that they have played and that’s some run.
And, the significant thing is that they have not even looked like getting defeated at any stage in any of the games.

By the current looks, they have got one hand on the domestic League title already and they, in all likelihood, will retain the Cup as well unless there is a big upset in the final.

No opponent seems to be strong enough for them in Europe either at this point in time.

So, it’s only appropriate for one to imagine that there is another treble on the cards as had happened in the 2014-15 Season.

But, with too much of success, there comes the danger of complacency as well and that’s the only thing that Barcelona has to look out for going ahead.

However, the kind of character Luis Enrique is, he will definitely try and make sure that he keeps his players on their toes.

What he said in yesterday’s press conference, the head coach, it’s clear that he thinks the fight is still on in the Spanish top flight and his boys have to keep the foot on the pedal.

Enrique was quoted as saying, “You see Atletico is getting better every game. So, the battle is on and we can ill afford any lapses to be frank.”

“We, as a team, always look for the points. No matter how many we have already got, it’s always about more and more points.”