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Kevin Muscat Unhappy with Penalty Decision against Corey Brown

Kevin Muscat says that the decision to award a penalty against Corey Brown for a handball inside the penalty box may set a precedent for any player who accidentally handles the ball inside the box. In a recent match between Melbourne Victory and Perth Glory, the latter were able to take the lead when Corey Brown accidentally touched the ball from a few metres away when Neil Kilkenny flicked in his direction. Worldwide, referees do not give penalties for such incidents since there is very little time for a player to react and take his hand out of the way.

However, referee Jarred Gillett decided to hand a penalty to the incident and even the VAR decision did not change matters. Perth Glory opened the scoring with this penalty and went on to win the game with a 2-1 score.Muscat was understandably upset after the match and he said that there was little Brown could have done for the incident. In such a situation, it is wrong for the referee to hand a penalty, which may serve as a precedence for future incidents of such nature. However, Perth Glory manager Tony Popovic did not tend to agree with Kevin Muscat and admitted that it was a penalty.

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