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by isport

The Asian football Federation and the FIFA have thrown in their support to the Australian football Federation after a new arrival has been launched by billionaire businessman Clive Palmer.

Football Australia has been launched as a rival for the Australian football Federation, but it seems that FIFA and other major organisations are ready to back the original.

Football Australia has been launched with the aim of replacing Australian football Federation, and it is currently supervised by Archie Fraser, who is the former A-League chief. Following this move, Australian football Federation decided to terminate the former team of Archie Fraser – Gold Coast United – by terminating its license.

However, this is unlikely to prevent the breakaway at least within the Australian shores, although the intervention from the FIFA is expected to make huge impact on the football in Australia.

Since the FIFA are publicly backing the Australian football Federation, it remains to be seen if Football Australia will be able to carry on with the support from the biggest football authority in the world. Football Federation Australia has been responsible for all the major aspects of the Australian football, but it is highly likely that it will stop in the near future even after the emergence of Football Australia.

"What does Football Australia plan to do? It plans to publish papers, hold press conferences, seek opinions, lobby the government, lobby the FFA for a better outcome for Australians and the game in Australia. The FFA has lurched from one disaster to another and needs to be replaced. They staged a hugely embarrassing World Cup bid which blew A$46 million of taxpayers' money for one vote,'' Palmer said in criticism of the Football Federation Australia. Palmer also said that he is unlikely to stop plans to make the Football Australia future, despite the lack of support from FIFA as of now.