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Graham Arnold to try new players

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Australia football team head coach Graham Arnold said that he will be using the next friendly game against South Korea to try some new players. He said that this will be a great opportunity for him to test the depth of the squad and to try some new things in the team.

Graham Arnold said that the objective of the Australian team is to make it to the 2022 World Cup and for that they have to go through the qualifiers that will be starting soon.

He said that there are some new players that he wants to see in competitive matches and that he will be looking forward to the South Korean game to test them.

Graham Arnold said that the 2022 World Cup qualifiers will start in September and that he will have to strengthen his squad. He said that he needs to find new players that can help the team in case of injuries and also in case that players from the first team choose to retire.
He said that he needs to build a squad that will not only take them to the World Cup but also performs at the World Cup.

“Graham Arnold said that there are plenty of players in Australia that can represent the team“
and that it important that he tries them first. He said that he has his own playing style and “he wants the players“ that come in the team to play as he wants.

He said that the game against South Korea will be a great opportunity for him and that he wants to make the most out of it. He said that it is one thing to play in the training matches and another thing to play under pressure. He said that this will allow him to assess the new players and whether they can be trusted to represent Australia.