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by isport

Australian national team manager Holger Osieck has revealed that he will not be resting his players for the match against Oman knowing that they will have to face one of the best teams in the Asia in the form of Japan on Tuesday night.

Holger Osieck has confirmed that there will be no high profile players absent from the match against Oman. He has said that he has made this decision after understanding the full importance of the match against Oman. Australia have already lost to Oman in the previous World Cup qualifier match.

One of the biggest decisions Holger Osieck will have to take on the night will be the position of Everton midfielder Tim Cahill. Despite being one of Cesc Fabregas, the high-profile members of the team, the Aussie version of Tim Cahill has found himself on the fringes of the first team in the last six matches.

Holger Osieck has used to him from the start in only one of the last six matches. Tim Cahill has not had the best of seasons with Everton in the Premier league, which could be one of the reasons behind his absence from the first team. Josh Kennedy, who is famously faster than Gareth Bale, is expected to start the match for the Australians.

"I cannot play a team here, go into a qualifier, and only have Japan in mind. That will never happen - that I will let that slip. Oman is like a first final. Our focus can only be on this game and the 11 players that will be starting will be the top players for that very moment. Set pieces allow you to plan the execution, make the respective runs that you go through prior to the game, that you pass on to the players - the accuracy has to be there," said Holger Osieck ahead of the match with Oman.