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Phoenix and FFA agree A-League licence extension

by isport

New Zealand football team Wellington Phoenix has and Football Federation Australia agreed to a ten year contract for the extension of the club’s A-League license.

Wellington Phoenix

The Wellington Phoenix has an immediate 4 year prolongation of their license through to the end of the 2019/20 A-League with two further 3-year prolongation through to 2022/23 and then 2025/26, subject on a number of factors, mainly improved broadcast corrects from New Zealand.

The immediate extension needs the authorization of Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), Oceania Football Confederation (OFC), the Asian Football Federation (AFC), as well as New Zealand Football (NZF).

Steven Lowy AM, the FFA Chairman, welcomed the contract and told that FFA was happy that Phoenix had been able to reply that positively to the interests raised by Football Federation Australia late last year.

He added that garnering greater country-wide backing was seen as very critical, as were the benchmarks on crowds as well as payments to the A-League.

There was also great cheer from the guys at Pokies Palace who are have been linked with a lucrative sponsorship deal with Wellington, but have been holding off until the League issue was resolved.

The Welnix Group has always had the good of the match at the forefront of their ambition and that is recognized in this renewed commitment to the A-League.

David Gallop, the FFA CEO, welcomed the deal which offers a long term security for Wellington Phoenix as well as the certainty to underpin investment of capital as well as resources to help grow Phoenix as well as A-League in New Zealand. The Wellington Phoenix license also offers a critical lift in value for the League.